*** Brand Ambassador items are non-refundable***


Here at Dallas Nicole our goal is to allow women to create their own individual boutiques and to grow themselves into a successful #GirlBoss. For this reason, we have added the option to be able to have your own personalized email for our company!


This is an optional service will have our current business card image on the front and multiple ways to personalized your business card on the back




  • Professionality!- Your customers will view you in a more professional manner as an independent business owner! Be able to add multiple ways for them to contact you as well as where to go to place an order!

  • Marketability!- Wearing your leggings out in the public or need something to add into grab bags? Help market yourself in many more avenues with the option of having a business card!

  • Branding! - Our business cards show the same designs we have throughout our business and program. This will help differentiate you from other companies and help brand yourself as Dallas Nicole Brand Ambassador - not just another “legging lady”.

  • Affordable!- We have 3 different options to choose from to order your own set of personalized business cards! You can test it out with one of our smaller options or go for full on #GirlBoss with the biggest option!


Business Card Order Options :

We are offering 3 different order sizes for your personalized business cards. The entire amount is paid upfront and we place all orders on the 1st of each month! Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Once business cards are ordered they are shipped to our home office to be inspected before being mailed out to you. You will receive tracking information once they have shipped to you!

The front of our business cards will be the same format we use for our corporate business cards as well as clothing tags to help keep our branding the same company wide. Each Brand Ambassador will have different options to customize their business cards!

  • You can choose to keep our quote “Look Gorgeous - Feel Confident!” or choose your own quote

  • You can choose to add an email (if you would like a personalized company email please reach out!)

  • You can choose to add a phone number


    • Name (will be legal name chosen during sign up - we do not allow individual boutique names to be added to our cards)

    • Brand Ambassador status - your card will state Brand Ambassador underneath your name unless you were one of our first 100 to sign up then it will say “Founding Brand Ambassador”


100 Business Cards- $20  

250 Business Cards - $27  

500 Business Cards- $30

*prices include shipping*

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