Brand Ambassador Program



Be rewarded for helping share the name and brand of Dallas Nicole!

Our Ambassadors receive 25%-35% off just for sharing their love of FASHION!

As an added bonus earn 20% on all referred clients sales and 5% on all referred ambassador’s customers sales!


How Does This Work?

  • You earned money by sharing your love of fashion in 3 ways:
    • 1. Personal Discount Code - As a Brand Ambassador you will receive a personal discount cod to use at checkout to gt 25%-35% off their purchase. You can keep the items for yourself or resell for a 25%-35% profit!
    • 2. Referred Sales - Refer friends, family, and customers to the site and receive 20% commission on sales when they enter your referral ID at checkout!
    • 3. Building a Team - As a Brand Ambassador you can grow a team. As your team refers customers to the site you will receive 5% of their sales. 

How To Sign Up

  • Once you have made your purchase and completed the back office sign up you will receive an email with a special discount code within 2 business days. The code will give  you 25% off brand ambassador eligible items within the store. You will also receive 2 bulk order discount codes giving you 30-35% off all items on eligible purchases.
  • You will also receive a personalized website - give out this website so you earn 20% commission on every sale! No need to carry on hand inventory unless you choose to.
  • Ambassadors will also receive 5% of all referred commissions of their 1st tier downlines on eligible purchases (kit purchase and personal orders not included)
  • Our affiliates have a back office and sales are tracked using the personalized website you share!
  • Important Links To Follow:

Weekly Reports & Pay

  • Weeks are considered to be from Sunday-Saturday
  • Every Monday evening Brand Ambassadors will be paid via Paypal or store credit as long as $10 in commission is met.
  • Payouts are a week behind in order to allow for any returns or rejected payments to be processed.
    • For commissions earned during the week of May 1 - May 7 you will be paid on May 15th
    • Minimum payout is $10

Terms & Conditions
All of our  ‘Brand Ambassadors’ will receive 25% off on all their orders. Each ambassador has their unique discount code that will stay active as long as the following items are met:

  • No negative/prohibited information/status/activity can be portrayed with our brand
  • Do not share your own personal code with clients - each affiliate has their own code and this will be tracked
  • Do not remove our tags and sell the items as if they were your own

Brand Ambassadors are welcome to promote products on social media as long as you do not misinform customers about our products. There is no limitations how to sell as long as tags remain attached.

Brand Ambassadors are allowed to sell for other direct sale companies/affiliate programs.

Your Brand Ambassador status can be rejected at any time.

Brand Ambassadors will also receive special promotions throughout the year as a thank you for their time and dedication.

Once your Brand Ambassador affiliation has been terminated (voluntarily/involuntarily) you are unable to reapply for a minimum of 6 months without guarantee of acceptance.


Does this sound like you?

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